How *NOT* to use KnowEm StatsI am a huge fan of (Link is to the stat’s on KnowEm for LinkedIn), I have been using it since 2005 and love it. Not only for it’s value of being a well ranking site but also for using it to get connections and meet new people.  One of the best features that LinkedIn has is the ability to “Get Introduced” to someone who is not in your network but in the network of one of your connections.

So recently I have been looking for some new connections and  adding people to my network as well as accepting people into my network.  Feel free to check me out and add me  here:, But finish reading this document before you do.

Here are in my opinion some of the biggest things that people fail at on LinkedIn and annoy the crap outta me!
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Stepping down as an active partner from

When KnowEm first launched I don’t think any member, of the original team of 2, ever thought that it would reach where it has today. This is why it saddens me to have to write this post.

As of today I am stepping down from my role at KnowEm as an active partner.

There is no bad blood and no trouble at all with the company…  Why then?

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